ICA Top Paper Award

I am happy to have been awarded the top paper award at the organization communication division at the International Communication Association in Prague, Czeck Republic. The paper entitled “Explaining online ambassadorship behavior on Facebook and LinkedIn” is published in Computers in Human Behavior.

The study examines the drivers of online ambassadorship behaviors on Facebook and LinkedIn. A few key findings are worth highlighting here. First, Facebook and LinkedIn seem to be equally used for online ambassadorship behaviors. Second, employees who prefer to keep their work and social lives seperate refrain from using Facebook for online ambassadorship, but these preferences do not affect LinkedIn use. This suggests that it is not the connectivity per se employees try to avoid, but it is more a question of to whom do we want make work-related content visible and what are the norms on the platforms we choose to use. This also presents organizations with an ethical issue. For instance, consider a situation in which organizations want to use the communication potential of employees as credible and authentic brand communicators, yet this may contradict employees personal preferences. Third, organizational identification is an important predictor of online ambassadorship on Facebook, but again, not on LinkedIn. This suggests that if the organization or organizational issues become a more intergral part of employees self-concept they are also more likely to use this information on Facebook, either to support their organization or build their individual idenitty.